Thematic routes


Below we suggest thematic routes, useful to discover some of the main points of thr Ecomuseum of Soapstone and of the Stonecutters of Malesco

I Percorsi tematici

01. The Old Town

The first of the thematic routes iturns around the main points of interest of the historic center: the nmany churches, sculptures and above all the Soapstone!

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museo-camino06_riotti_ecomuseo-malesco02. The Soapstone

Leitmotiv of our Ecomuseum is the stone and in particular the soapstone to which the ecomuseum is dedicated.

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scena del don chisciotte di Ettore Romagnoli03. Celebrities

Some famous personality left an indelible mark on Malesco, each one for different reasons: from the historian Giacomo Pollini, to the first swimmer crossing the English Channel, to the Trabucchi brothers.
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