Visits, activities and workshops

Visits, activities and workshops

Visits, activities and workshops for groups and families.

The Ecomuseum of Pietra Ollare and of the Malesco’s stonecutters, organizes various activities throughout the year for families, groups and schools.

An Ecomuseum is the ideal starting point for rediscovering a territory, cause, as reported by the website of the Piemonte Region

The Ecomuseum not  just promotes single elements, but extends its action to entire landscapes, where specific natural and social factors shaped and conditioned during times the way of life, the economy, traditions and culture of communities.

In the list below you will see all of our proposals and choose the one that best suits your  experiences in Malesco.

You can visit the ancient washroom of the town, now home of an exhibition on Giovan Maria Salati, the first man to cross by swimming the English Channel or discover the ancient trades at Mulin dul Tac, recently restored and home ofo several events throughout the year, or immerse yourself in the history of soapstone and stonecutters at the Museum or … to you the choice!

All visits, activities and workshops are addressed to families, groups, schools. We invite you to contact us to arrange your visit according to your needs!

Here are our visits, activities and workshops