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Intangible assets

An intangible wealth

Malesco has a wealth of intangible assets and in 2013 joined the E.CH.I. Italian-Swiss Ethnographies for the valuation of Intangible Assets – P.O. Of Cross-border Co-operation Italy Switzerland 2007-2013, a project promoted by the Lombardy Region administration with Piedmont Region, Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Canton Valais, Canton Ticino and Canton Grisons  (www.echi-interreg .eu).

Within the framework of E.CH.I. some excellences and traditional goods related to Malesco were presented, such as the runditt, the matuzinaa, the historical Carnival and some of the key elements of Valle Vigezzo intangible heritage.
Thanks to the help of researchers, for each item
were produced cards, which can be consulted in the Immaterial Heritage Inventory of the Alpine Regions online at

From this experience, the Ecomuseum has drawn new lymph and, in small steps, has approached even more to the active people in the area, triggering shared actions.

We remember here, as example,  the collaborations with the Carnival Committee of Malesco, the Academy of the Runditt and the work with and for the community of Zornasco.



The carnival

A toolbox available to the community

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Because history is made up of many histories

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Runditt’s Academy

When the community becomes a big family

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