The Chimney Sweeper Monument

The Chimney Sweeper Monument

The Chimney Sweeper Monument is a bronze statue standing on a big stone with some chimney drawn on it. It was built in 1983 by Luigi Terrugi from Milan and it represents the young Fausto Cappini from Re, who left his house as a kid to work as a chimney-sweeper and died when he was 13 after touching some electrical wires while working.

It is a symbolic work to remind us of all the young boys who left their home to do such a tiring and dangerous job abroad between XVI and XX century.

Every year during the first week of September, the International Chimney Sweepers Meeting in held in the Valley.

Il Monumento allo Spazzacamino


 S.S. of Valle Vigezzo
28854 Malesco (VB)
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The monument is outdoors, in public space.

Available for visits throughout the year.