Trabucchi house

Trabucchi house - Hospital

Casa Trabucchi

Originally a hospital and was a day nursery from 1833 to a few decades ago.

It is a huge XVIII-century building placed in the homonymous street and has a side facing the Parish garden on which there is a baroque tympanum. It initially belonged to the Pomas, then to the Corgiolis and the Ciojas who sold it to the Trabucchis.

The history of Casa Trabucchi

This was a humble family who had moved to Paris to work as chimney sweepers and become rich entrepreneurs without forgetting their homeland. In 1836 the brothers Giuseppe and Gioachino signed their wills by which they destined such property to a charitable foundation which included a hospital for poor people from Malesco (they did the same in Paris to help chimney sweepers from Piedmont who were working there).

Casa Trabucchi today

The building houses now the premises of the Eco-Museum and of many no-profit associations: the Civil Defense, the Edelweiss Choir, the Library and the school of arts, the Elder Association, the pro loco and the Tourist Information Office. It was restored and given to no-profit associations in 2008



 Via Ospedale
28854 Malesco (VB)


Available on request or during the initiatives.

Available for visits throughout the year.