Zornasco: perché la storia è fatta di tante storie


ph Marco Di Pietro


Because history is made of so many stories

Zornasco: What encouraged the ecomuseum to start a journey with the community of this town?

The belief that people, with their own stories, make the history of a territory.

On Saturday, November 5, 2016, we held the first meeting of a project entitled “Rebuilding our history, from the mill of Zornasco“.

This first meeting is only the starting point for a sequence of initiatives that will involve the community of Zornasco, a small hamlet of Malesco, with the aim of reconstructing the past of the territory, through the oral witness of the population.
During these days, a series of meetings are scheduled to gather pictures that will, together with stories, contribute to the realization of a historical archive.
“Rebuilding Our History From the Mill of Zornasco” could be the starting point for a number of other shared activities.

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