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Academy of the Runditt

When the community becomes a big family

Academy of the Runditt

A great family, named “Academy of the Runditt” shares love for their own territory and works to protect the tradition.
The Academy was born, together with the first edition of the festival “Runditt, turtei e turte ad San Per” held in Malesco on June 12th 2016.
The purpose of the Academy is to protect and promote the Runditt, a product that always existed in the houses of Malesco’s inhabitents and known in the rest of the Valle Vigezzoalso under the name of Stinchett.

What are the Runditt?

The Runditt are thin waffles made up of water and flour.
The ingredients are manually worked to create an elastic dough, then they’re laid – like a light wafer – with a wooden spoon over a special iron rounded shape slab (in the past was used a soapstone slab, called leuzerie in Malesco’s dialect).

The dough is then cooked on burning fire to give the course its typical crunchiness.
Tradition narrates that preparation of the dough, with its little secret, along with the stretch out and cooking method was orally handed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation.

In collaboration with the Ecomuseum of Soapstone and Stonecutters, the association aims to enhance the product, already nominated for the Slow Food Community.

Immaterial assets of the Ecomuseum:


The carnival

A toolbox available to the community


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Because history is made of so many stories

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