Itinerary: the Soapstone

Itinerary: the soapstone

Let’s discover the soapstone together in the streets of Malesco!

Common thread of our Ecomuseum is the stone, in particular the soapstone, to which the eco-museum is dedicated. It is used since ancient times for the manufacture of artifacts of various nature, some of which are still visible today.

Starting point of this route is the park museum, which presents interesting examples of finds and objects of different ages, that will help us to better understand the characteristics of the soapstone, its uses and how the territory of Malesco is deeply tied to it.

After this brief introduction, the thematic itinerary continues through the streets of Malesco’s historic center, accompanied by a guide, searching of urban artifacts made over the centuries with this material. We will see vases, floors, columns and more, by discovering how stone was important to the territory.

For more information and insights, please note that the first issue of the “Ecomuseum Quotations” is available in our museum structures, titled “Ossola’s soapstone route” – from the commercial hubs to the extraction areas.”  The publication describes two itineraries, which lead to the extraction sites of the territory.

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Points to visit

Along the way you will find these points of interest:

m32b_riotti_ecomuseo-malesco01. The soapstone in ancient times

Visit the archaeological section of the Val Grande National Park museum
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m28_riotti_ecomuseo-malesco02. Use of soapstone in urban and architectural purposes

Visit the Val Grande National Park Museum

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m1_riotti_ecomuseo-malesco03. Trabucchi House colonnade

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logo-ecomuseo-leuzerie-skerpelit-malesco_72W04. Soapstone Fountain

in front of  Trabucchi House

fontana-basilisco-ecomuseo-malesco05. San Bernardino Oratory Floor

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M15-2_riotti_ecomuseo-malesco06. The basilisk (Berzelesk) fountain

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