The cemetery

The cemetery with bell tower of Malesco

The cemetery

The cemetery rises south to the parish church and the entrance is between the bell tower and the House of the Friars.
It was built starting from 1844 and the interior organization provided a series of artistically painted private chapels, along the perimeter, with a larger structure
, owned by the city, in the middle. It is partly dedicated to the clergy and partly as an ossuary after the recovery of the previous cemeteries (around the church and within it).


In 1915 came the need for an extension of the cemetery upstream, and so central wall of the largest central chapel was demolished to access the new burial fields, which were also subject to further enlargement at the end of the 1900s .

The monumental Church Square

The monumental Church Square in Malesco includes all the following civil and religious buildings:


 Piazza della Chiesa
28854 Malesco (VB)


The cemetery is open with variable timetables throughout the year.

Available for visits throughout the year.