The House of the Friars

La casa dei Frati

The House of the Friars

The House of the Friars is a building that stands halfway between the parish Church and the cemetery.

The name “house of the Friars” comes from its ancient use: it was indeed the home where the friars lived during the Lenten preaching.

Perhaps due to the Celtic origins of the local population, until 1826 the friars’ home was used by the young inhabitants of Malesco, during the night between October 31 and All Saints’ day in a sort of ancient Halloween party.

The death knell was choked incessantly, from the vespers of October 31 until the morning of the first November.

Il complesso monumentale Piazza della Chiesa

The monumental Church Square in Malesco includes all the following civil and religious buildings:


 Piazza della Chiesa
28854 Malesco (VB)


The building is visible only externally.

Available for visits throughout the year.