Mellerio House

Casa Mellerio

It is a XV century building at the beginning of the Trabucchi Street.

The demolition

Its last owner, the Count Mellerio, desired to demolish it and build a more modern house with a small square in front of it. However, as his neighbours did not accept to sell him the properties he needed to finish his projects, he had to renounce to his plans.

The use in the time

In 1819 he gave the house to the Municipality and it was used as the City Hall for more than one century. Now it is the seat of the Alpines Group of Malesco.

The Count Giacomo Mellerio

Originating from Malesco became vice governor of Milan and the great chancellor of the Lombardy-Veneto kingdom under the Austrians.
He built in Domodossola the classic high school entrusted to Antonio Rosmini.
(Taken from “The Ossola and its Valleys” by De Maurizi)

Mellerio House

Notable Buildings in Malesco

Mellerio House is among the remarkable buildings that can be admired by going through the streets of Malesco.

Each of them gives to the village a piece of history and contributes to create this unique corner of Valle Vigezzo.

Among the remarkable buildings of Malesco you can visit


 Via Trabucchi
28854 Malesco (VB)


Casa Mellerio è oggi un’abitazione privata ed è pertanto visibile solo esternamente.

Visibile esteriormente tutto l’anno.