The old washroom

La Chiesa parrocchiale

The old washroom

The washroom is located in the Church Square, behind the oratory of S. Bernardino, in a rectangular building covered by the Valle Vigezzo’s typical stone shingles (piode).

The washroom was built in 1895 by the municipality togheter with the first important aqueduct for water supply to the town.

Within the washroom, there are eight large granite tanks fitted on two sets, 40 cm deep and with a total capacity of 444 liters of water. 24 washers was allowed to use the washroom at the same time, making it not only a facility for washing clothes, but also an important meeting place.

In 2002 the washroom was completely restored and being no longer used with its functions from centuries, in 2007 it became the location of an interesting thematic exhibition on the life and business of Giovanni Maria Salati, an important celebrity of Malesco and first man to cross the English Channel in 1817 (to find out more).

Notable Buildings in Malesco

The old washroom is among the remarkable buildings that can be admired by going through the streets of Malesco.

Each of them gives to the village a piece of history and contributes to create this unique corner of Valle Vigezzo.

Among the remarkable buildings of Malesco you can visit


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