The Bell Tower of Malesco

The bell tower of Malesco

The Bell Tower


The Bell Tower, similar to that of Craveggia, was constructed with cutting stone from a local quarry (al Cantonett): construction work began in 1671 and was completed in three and a half years. It is high about 50 m up to the spire’s top, 29 m at the bell tower and rises on the ruins of a pre-existing bell tower, south of the church, of which hides the view of the lower part, looking from the town. The bells are property of the Municipality.

Il Complesso monumentale Piazza della Chiesa

The monumental Church Square in Malesco includes all the following civil and religious buildings:



 Piazza della Chiesa
28854 Malesco (VB)


The bell tower is visible only outside.

Available for visits throughout the year.